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stamped // =O; i'm active?!

Hi there. I've been incredibly inactive so... these is just random things. Mmmkay? Mmkay.

This is my kitty, Curious George.

This is my buddy, Brynn, and her boyfriend. His name is Indiana Jones.
//My animals are all named after fictional characters.

Halla Ween.


My love, Ashie Poo. Puppy face!

Me and Ash.

What's your name? Gus; ever seen a gus gus?

yesssssssss. they are blurry on purpose. leave it.

And this is my bad luck charm, David Omen.


Okay now I have to go watch Grey's Anatomy.

Toodle-loo. =D

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oh im hot =]
and so are you darling.

will you have my babies?!
oh so hot. bahaha.

and when i have ever not?!
oh so ash is your love and im just your buddy?
*emo tear*
okay first of all... *RUN*

//it's not me.. it's you.

and you love Aaron and i don't do crack.