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Glitter Me Up

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oo1. You must be 13 or over to apply.

oo2. You have 24 after joining to submit your application

oo3. In the Lj-Cut put "Just put some glitter on it".

oo4. In the Subject Line of your application put "application".

oo5. Make application post FRIENDS ONLY

oo6. You may not post or comment on anything except your own entry until you are accepted.

oo7. If you can't take honesty DO NOT APPLY. we are going to tell you what we think, do not get snobby, bitchy, whiney ect.

oo8. DO NOT fight with a stamped member. you will be banned.

oo9. DO NOT DELETE your application..or you will be banned.

o10. Don't be boring

oo1. The question that says "Do you want to glitter me up?" write "Pick the time I'll pick the place" so that I know you read all the rules

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oo1. If you don't like somebody, just tell them. It doesn't matter what the other members think of that person.

oo2. Be active! I don't care if it's pictures of your damn boyfriend or a pet post them and stay active!

oo3. Promote.

oo4. If you want an applicant to "sway" you give them something to do or your vote won't count.

oo5. Make all your posts friends only

oo6. All promotions under an lj cut or they will be deleted

oo7. You're only allowed one picture out of an lj cut, all the rest must be under the cut.

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The new theme will be Bad Luck.
It can be something you find that brings you bad luck or just a general thing that usually is considered to bring bad luck to anyone. Just snap a pic of as many bad luck charms, just don't overdo it! :D

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1.Tim Burton
2.holloween costume
3.AFI album
5.rubix cube
7.pink horse
8.5 promotions with links
9.wonder women

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+10 points for doing the theme
+10 points for the doing the hunt
+15 if the hunt has at least 3 pics you took
+2 points per picture
+2 points per text post
+5 points for each promotion not in a promo community
+3 points for promoting in a promotion community
+100 points for getting member of the month

20 points= auto accept/reject
100 points= Free lay out
100 points= Pick the theme
150 points= getting a question about you in the app. for the next 10 applicants
200 points= kick out a member (not a mod) members may re-appy
250 points= Be a mod for a week
Any other ideas? tell us


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